Online Lessons

Skype and Zoom Lessons

Need inspiration for structuring your day in these days of distress and uncertainty? Apart from video workouts, going for a walk, talking to friends over the media, it is recommended to take an on-line course.

Many of my students have taken up the offer to switch their face-to-face lessons to skype or zoom and it works just the same as before, when we sat around the table. I offer online German lessons via Skype or zoom.

Does it work for brand new students, too? Of course! We have a preliminary chat before we start a lesson in earnest, to sort out the technicalities and materials for the lesson and very importantly get to know each other.

I have been using Skype for some time and am a Goethe Institute certified on-line media tutor, meaning I completed a training course with them.

Just in case you are not sure how to start, here goes:

  1. Download Skype
  2. I will send you an invitation via Skype, using your e-mail address
  3. We agree a time for the call.
  1. Download Zoom
  2. I will send you an invitation via my e-mail
  3. The date and time will be stated on the e-mail
  4. You click on the link and we will see and speak to each other immediately.
Google Hangout
  1. Go to Google Apps – Hangout
  2. I will send you and invitation, using your e-mail address
  3. We can have lessons with up to 9 participants at the same time

All these media applications are free for up to 2 persons at any one time, with Google Hangout up to nine.

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