Ich hab’ mich in dich verguckt!
(trans. The Look of Love is in your eyes …)

“The Princess and the Frog” – A German Fairy Tale
Once upon a time there was a fair and beautiful Princess, who led a pleasant life in a castle. One day she met the exotic and illustrious frog Agalychnis. He looked deeply into her eyes, told her she was beautiful and how she had captivated his heart. In time the princess succumbed to his charms and kissed him, hoping he would turn into a Prince. Alas, even after many, many more kisses, when he still hadn’t turned into a Prince, she bade him farewell with a heavy heart. The fair and beautiful Princess went back to her pleasant life in her castle and left the frog to lead his illustrious and exotic frog life in his pond for ever after.

The Brothers Grimm

Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

Have you recognised this Fairy Tale? Admittedly the original version of The Princess and the Frog, as told by the brothers Grimm, has a happy ending, however, Fairy Tales are allegories of real life where a happy end is not necessarily guaranteed.

So, dear Reader, if you have kissed a frog and he is now your Prince, Congratulations! If, however, you had fun kissing many frogs, great! But we warned, if you kissed a frog and it turned into a toad, you’ll end up with warts*! eeeeek!

If you have a fairytale story of your own, leave a comment!

*According to German wisdom, touching toads gives you warts.